PNOĒ Metabolic Testing

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What is the PNOE assessment? The PNOE fit test is the GOLD standard means of testing VO2 fitness which has a direct correlation with living a long, healthy life. This testing procedure provides a breath-by-breath analysis of how your whole body functions.


PNOĒ Cardio-metabolic analysis constitutes the most foundational assessment of human physiology. Its metrics provide unique insights into an athlete’s fitness and allow for targeted decision-making regarding their nutrition and workout program. Decades of research have amassed unequivocal evidence indicating the breadth of information a single 15-minute cardio-metabolic test can reveal and point to the necessity of this type of assessment—not just for athletes, but also for the general population.

PNOE Cardio-metabolic testing offers the only tool able to measure your metabolic levels, detect a slow down and prescribe the correct program to fix it. Your metabolic test is only the beginning. Based on your results, your personal trainer will create your customized workouts specifically to you and your needs.