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Styku: 3D Body Scanning

What is Styku?

styku body scanning measurements

Styku is a 3D body scanning system that uses specialized hardware and software to capture detailed measurements and create a 3D model of a person's body.

How does Styku work?

Styku uses multiple cameras and sensors to capture the shape and dimensions of a person's body. The person stands on a rotating platform, and the system takes multiple scans from different angles to create a 3D representation.

What are the benefits of using Styku?

  • Accurate body measurements: It provides precise measurements of various body parts, allowing for better fitting of clothing or tracking body changes over time.

  • Visual body analysis: It generates a 3D model that can be visualized from different angles, helping individuals understand their body composition and shape.

  • Fitness and wellness tracking: Styku can track changes in body composition, such as muscle gain or fat loss, which can be useful for fitness professionals and individuals on wellness journeys.

Is Styku safe to use?

Yes, Styku is generally safe to use. It is a non-invasive scanning method that does not emit harmful radiation. However, individuals with certain medical conditions or concerns should consult with their healthcare provider before using any body scanning technology.

How accurate is Styku in measuring body dimensions?

Styku is known for its high level of accuracy in measuring body dimensions. The system has been extensively tested and validated, showing consistent and reliable results. However, it's important to note that individual factors, such as clothing and body posture, can affect the accuracy to some extent.

Can Styku track changes in body composition over time?

Yes, Styku can track changes in body composition by comparing multiple scans taken at different points in time. This feature is particularly useful for fitness professionals and individuals who want to monitor their progress in terms of muscle gain, fat loss, or overall body shape changes.

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What To Expect At Your Styku Appointment

Styku appointments will be approximately 15 minutes and include the scan and data evaluation. A detailed Styku report will be emailed to you, and your data will remain in the system for comparison with future scans. The dress code for Styku is simple: minimal and form-fitting, and options include sports bras, form-fitting tights, leggings, underwear, and form-fitting swimwear. Loose fitting clothing will result in inaccurate measurements. Socks should be light colored or removed. You’ll also need to remove your shoes, hat, watch and jewelry. Longer hair needs to be pinned up. Plan on attending your assessment “dressed to be assessed” by wearing the proper assessment attire.

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